Sunday, 10 January 2010

Book launch!!

Hi fellow doll makers!

This weekend, i've barely stirred from the laptop, putting together a book of all the fabulous doll project, showing the story as it has unfolded. If any of you would like a copy, you can buy it following the link below.

The Doll Project


Lucy Jane Batchelor said...

Oooh yes, I have ordered one!! Can't wait to see it and read your nice commentary too. x x x

Bee said...

Kirst!! Your book is so so cool... I can't wait to have one. Can you put a pic of the dolls on display at Museum of Childhood as a triumphant end spread or is it done done (meddlesome aren't I?)!.. x well done for your dedicated weekend X bee

Katy Walker said...

Oooh, this is SO good. Thank you x Thank you Kirsty for creating such a lovely book of memories for us to keep.

Kirsty Kissell said...

Glad you like the book! I think mine's arrived at the local post office- can't wait to pick it up! Alas Bee, the book is finished, so no pic of the dolls on show, unless, as Bruce pointed out, there is a 2nd edition! (but the exhibition does get a mentionin the book!)